Our Dash Boards

Key Features

  • 18mm Thick CNC Cut Marine MDF, highest level of accuracy for a direct fit. Dash boards have all the necessary rebates pre cut to directly fit standard mini dials and clocks.
  • Original injection moulded Rover fitment clips supplied with all out dash boards. We are the only company who can offer this.
  • Air vents holes have twist lock system for fitting and removing air vents from the front or back.
  • In house custom painting & finishing shop,  also available in Hydro Dipped finishes such as Carbon Fibre, Walnut etc. Dash boards are finished to the highest standards from simple gloss black or matched to your cars colour, to a custom air brushed finish bespoke to you.

**We have developed a unique automotive process for refinishing MDF, providing a highly durable, better than original factory finish on our dash boards.**

Finish Options

We have a variety of finishing options for your Dashboard, here we explain a little bit more about each option.

Entry-Level Finish – Prices start at £96.00


Our entry level finishes currently come in 14 designs! A mixture of wood finishes through to a carbon effect. These finishes lend themselves to dashboards without glove box’s as unlike the painted options we can only colour match or prime the edges of the cut out glove box. However these are a superb finish and perfect for anyone who wants to update their dashboard without going overboard on customisation.

Vinyl Finish – Prices start at £135.00

Vinyl finishing offers an almost unlimited option of design choices! From Union Jacks to Marvel inspired vinyls, the choices are endless! If you have your own vinyl or would like us to try and source you something we don’t have then get in touch! Cut to specifically fit your configuration the best thing about the vinyl finish is that if you get bored of it they are interchangeable and fairly inexpensive to do so. Simply send us back your dash and we will update your dash with your chosen new vinyl design!

Entry-Level Paint Finish – Prices start at £145.00


Our entry-level paint finish is a Matt paint option only. This is a cheaper option than our high quality gloss finishes and is perfect for someone who doesn’t want the high maintenance of keeping gloss finishes clean. Available in any colour in a Matt finish and with or without decals as seen in the picture.

Please Note: Decals can be customised to your requirements.

High Quality Paint Finish – Prices start at £235.00



All our High quality painted dashboards are primed which seals the Marine MDF from moisture before a leveling agent is applied, this then create a smooth level surface and any imperfections in the wood are removed leaving a perfectly smooth surface for our automotive paint to be applied. We only use automotive paints which offers a long lasting paint finish whilst also allowing you to choose pretty much any colour for your dashboard. To finish a high quality scratch resistant lacquer is added to finalise the process leaving behind a high quality gloss finished dashboard.

Hydro Dipped Finish – Prices start at £260.00


Our popular Hydro-Dipped finish is one of our most popular options, with all the benefits of our High Quality paint finish and the added customisation of a design. With a wide array of films available, designs are almost unlimited! If we don’t have the design in stock then call us and we will see if we can source it!

Our dashboards are CNC cut out of Marine MDF which lends itself perfectly to the water transfer process of Hydro Dipping. All dashboards are primed, painted to a high quality finish (colour dependent on film) and then hydro dipped with the chosen film to give you the stunning finish that is a Hydro Dipped dashboard.

Please get in contact if you would like other Hydro Dipping work done on other parts.

Current Available Configurations  (Contact Us if you want something bespoke!) 

3 Dial – Full MPI Setup (Including SRS, Alarm, and Light Switch adjustment, 3 x 52mm , 1 x Single DIN Stereo Slot)  in Right Hand Drive.

3 Dial – Right/Left Hand Drive  + Glove Box (optional) & Air Vents (optional) + Stereo Slot(optional)

3 Dial Raised Right/Left Hand Drive  + Glove Box (optional) & Air Vents (optional) + Stereo Slot(optional)

2 Dial – Right/Left Hand Drive  + Glove Box(optional) & Air Vents(optional)+ Stereo Slot(optional)

2 Dial Raised – Right/Left Hand Drive  + Glove Box(optional) & Air Vents(optional)+ Stereo Slot(optional)

Large Center Dial +  Glove Box(optional) & Air Vents(optional)

Blank Dash (no dial holes)  + Glove Box(optional) & Air Vents(optional)